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PDR Enterprises (Professional Development for Realtors) is a Real Estate consulting company offering Real Estate Education (on line and in classroom settings) as well as Real Estate Services.  PDR Enterprises also offers classes and workshops from MHI Global for leadership and customer service. Linda Arquieta-Herrera has combined her passion for education, leadedership training and real estate into a one stop center for individuals interested in the real estate, organizational management and leadership field.  Linda's education, strong background in business, and expertise in education provides a platform that enables her to provide classroom learning with real world experience.

Linda Arquieta-Herrera is a regional agent working in many areas of Southern California.  Linda comes from a background in management at UCLA and has honed her expertise in the real estate market to include, consultant for project management, short sales, representing investors, Administration of REO properties, and commercial and property management.  Since starting in real estate Linda was named
one of the top 50 Rising Agents Nationally by RIS Media for 2008.  Linda is currently Adjunct Faculty at the local college teaching Real Estate in the Business division.

Some of the areas Linda works in are Santa Clarita, Antelope Valley, West Los Angeles, Culver City, California City, and Whittier.

In addition to Linda's real estate career she continues her consulting partnership with Cliff Ramirez & Associates with whom she co-authored two books and has presented workshops with.

2017 Welcomes our newest publication! THE REALTORS PRIMER!

Professional training programs and academic curricula for business degrees tend to focus primarily on imparting the technical knowledge base of an industry to their students. They ignore or simply assume that the student’s personal growth and development has already been addressed in other arenas. But education, in order to be comprehensive, requires not merely the communication of knowledge, but the teaching of practical instruction on how to use that knowledge wisely, productively, and profitably.
In this short book, the reader is taken on a brisk journey of personal maturation and development into a real estate professional. Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge and personal experience, the authors—real estate professionals, consultants, and trainers—share valuable information and pragmatic guidance about the following key areas.

  • Mastering your individual skills, talents, and desires to mold a unique character of personal leadership
  • Utilizing relationship management strategies to communicate effectively and interact productively with clients
  •  Understanding and utilizing successful practices and techniques in the business of real estate

Whether you’re a student of real estate, a new agent starting out,
or a professional with years of experience,
this book is for you!

To order the book, please click here!  .  or cell phone 661-644-0101


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