Professional Development for REALTORS  
Professional Development for REALTORS is partnering with Career WebSchool to offer online real estate courses.

CRA & PDR Mission Statement

We focus on developing training that will enhance our clients business strengths and address their developmental opportunities.  

Cliff Ramirez & Associates & Professional Development for Realtors exists to facilitate the operational and organizational success of our clients so that our clients can, in turn, effectively contribute their talents and industry to the positive future of our common world.

We facilitate the success of our clients through quality, customized training and consulting that arises from cutting-edge field expertise, recognized achievement, and extensive personal experience.

Cliff Ramirez & Associates is infused with and reflects the three governing values that define the character of its founder.
Integrity - The foundation of everything we do is based upon who we are as individuals. We are successful when we are committed to principles of trust, respect, and true interdependence.
Optimism - No matter the challenge, we identify the truths we can learn from every situation, and build a positive and knowledgeable future on those foundations.
Making a Difference - In a spirit of abundance, we believe that we can all make a positive difference by contributing to the world around us from the strength of our characters, the fruits of our knowledge, and the imagination of our creative and resourceful minds.

Our commitment

We believe that the employer-employee relationship is one built on trust and respect. We develop tools that companies use to bring out the best in their employees and therefore enhance productivity and service.

When all parties are in sync a true partnership is formed.

Cliff Ramirez & Associates is founded on the belief that experienced, working professionals, seasoned by effective involvement and conscientious immersion in the working world, contribute the most when it comes to training and organizational, leadership, and staff development. We are professionals helping professionals--facilitating your success--and contributing to the betterment of all workplace organizations.



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