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Creating Effective Workplace Cultures

Workplace cultures are defined not by the extensiveness of their organizational charts, but by the unseen lines of relationship and communication that exist between the boxes on that chart.  The key to organizational effectiveness depends upon the strength and measure of those interdependent relationships.  In this workshop, participants examine how they relate to others, the importance of self-esteem, and how our behavior, words, and actions create the culture in which we live and thrive.  Presented in 3 hours.

Strategic Think Tank: Inspiring Courage and Creativity in the Workplace

Workplace cultures periodically need something of a "jump start" to assess where they've come where they're going.  Goal setting retreats and programs of the month often fail for lack of follow-up and because these morale-inhibitors are often perceived as an invasion from an uninvolved management.  The key to revitalizing workplace commitment and productivity is in utilizing the very best of your own resources: your people.  This program involves participants in a dialogue about character in the workplace, identifying emblems of pride, and isolating the obstacles to achievement and best performance.  Presented in 1-1/2 to 3 days, depending upon the organization's needs.


Balancing Work & Family

The trouble with balancing work and family lies in how we approach the challenge.  Life is not a balancing act at all, but a matter of clearly defined and consciously chosen priorities.  In this 60-90 minute presentation, participants are given the opportunity to approach the dilemma from a different perspective and to explore what is behind the demands that drive the activities of their lives.

Power Shop: Making a Difference

What we think about ourselves influences what we become and what we achieve in our lives.  The problem is that we often allow the expectations and demands of others to suppress what we really want to do and what we know we can really do.  In this self-empowerment workshop, participants search for, uncover, and recapture positive self-perceptions and incorporate these lost sensibilities into a revisualized future.  Presented in 3 hours.


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EMPLOY - Encouraging Mature and Proactive Leadership Out of Youth © 

This 4-module workshop series is intended for young people transitioning into the public workplace from school or from situations of having dropped out of school.  The programs utilize a variety of teaching methods and focus on personal assessment and self-knowledge, maturity and life direction, communication, and taking the first step into the workplace.  Designed as a 16-hour program, modules are customized and scheduled to fit your needs.

1.  Knowing and Assessing Ourselves - Who are we?  We need to know ourselves, our values, and our skills before we can interface effectively with the social and working world.  This module focuses on leading participants through exercises of self-discovery with the purpose of utilizing the information to identify our individual "brands" and market ourselves to the world.

2. Maturity and Ongoing Learning - In an effort to refine what we learned about ourselves in Module I, this session focuses on maturity--what is it, why is it important to effective relationships, especially in the working world.  Participants learn to think and use popular tools to evaluate where they are and where they are going in regard to interpersonal relationships and Emotional Intelligence.

3. Communication is Key - Communication is the key to effective relationships, worldly success, and personal achievement.  This module focuses on perceptions, listening skills, and successful communication.

4. Putting Your Best Foot Forward - Culminating the series is this module that draws all of the elements discusses in prior modules together.  The focus of this module is to provide participants with "Next Steps" guidance and tools to realize their goals, their dreams, and their aspirations.




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