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FERPA Clear and Simple

Clifford A. Ramirez, Jossey-Bass Publications, 2009

This fresh new presentation of FERPA approaches the regulations from both a broad perspective and a comprehensive discussion of the legislation's requirements.  The book begins with an exploration of the political and legislative history of privacy that led to the formulation of FERPA.  In its discussion of the FERPA regulations themselves, the book highlights implications and other background to illuminate why the regulations are written as they are.  Numerous legislative examples, guidelines for policy development, and other special features are designed to enhance the reader's understanding of and ability to apply FERPA with responsibility and professional assurance.  The book includes discussion of the 2008 amendments to FERPA and the complete text of the revised federal regulations.

The FERPA Transition: Helping Parents Adjust to Higher Education Records Laws
Clifford A. Ramirez, LRP Publications, 2004

Written for administrators, faculty, and other education officials in higher education, this book examines FERPA with the purpose of understanding and communicating the legal requirements of FERPA and other legislation to parents and other clients.  Individual areas of campus operations are addressed, including a summary of FERPA and the text of the regulations themselves.

Managing the Privacy of Student Records: A Textbook of FERPA Basics
Clifford A. Ramirez, LRP Publications, 2002

This comprehensive introduction to the basics of FERPA is a quick and easy-to-read publication that has been designed as the textbook for the "Managing the Privacy of Student Records" workshop. The 56-page book can also be used for independent study on FERPA. 

Managing the Privacy of Student Records: The Leader's Guide
Clifford A. Ramirez, LRP Publications, 2002

This teacher's guide provides trainers with resources for conducting the "Managing the Privacy of Student Records" workshop at the campus. The manual includes scripts, pedagogical notes, textbook references for guiding participants, potential questions and discussion topics, overhead formats, and additional handout templates.

Records Management in Higher Education: Ensuring Organization, Efficiency, and Legal Compliance
Linda Arquieta-Herrera and Clifford A. Ramirez, LRP Publications, 2006

A manual for higher education recordkeeping professionals, this volume discusses the importance of records management protocols, includes guidelines on developing and structuring policies and procedures, and provides tools for developing forms and staff orientation training in records management.  Topics covered include records creation, maintenance, retention, and destruction.  A CD is included with valuable templates for forms, tables, and staff training materials.


The FERPA Answer Book for Higher Education Professionals
Edited by Clifford A. Ramirez with attorney Aileen Gelpi, PTSC Journals, John Wiley & Sons, 2009

A manual and a subscription comprise this essential product for higher education professionals, including deans, managers, and campus counsel.  The FERPA Answer Book provides answers to numerous questions posed by the application and definition of the regulations and court rulings.  Subscribers also receive the Higher Education FERPA Bulletin, including summaries and guidance on student privacy issues still raising question and controversy for colleges and universities.  For information and subscriptions, call (888) 378-2537 or contact

"FERPA Training: Creating Campus Experts at Every Level"
Privacy in the 21st Century: An Annual Review and Compendium for Higher Education Leaders
Clifford A. Ramirez, Council on Law in Higher Education, 2004

Issues and considerations in developing and implementing a FERPA training strategy in higher education are the focus of this article, Cliff's contribution to a major review of privacy issues in higher education published by the Council on Law in Higher Education (



FERPA Fundamentals: What Higher Education Administrators Should Know

Clifford A. Ramirez, LRP Publications, 2004

FERPA basics are presented in a short 20-minute video that can be used to initiate or supplement your FERPA training. The video introduces the FERPA regulations, discusses the four guarantees FERPA makes to students, and identifies how higher education administrators must comply.  



FERPA: What You Can and Can't Disclose

Clifford A. Ramirez, LRP Publications, 2004

This taped 90-minute audio conference focuses on complying with FERPA regarding disclosures of information from student records. Answering questions from a national audience, Cliff addresses issues regarding disclosure, third parties, prior consent, electronic delivery systems, and more. 


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